Common values

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Our Core Values

The strong position of MAXAM HOLDING and Group Companies in their fields of activities in the markets of Turkey and World results from the qualified human resources with ethical and humanistic values besides a democratic environment with common purposes and principles.

Our working principles based on basic ethical and humanistic values are as follows.

We adopt our corporate principles and values.
We perform our duties in the best manner for being able to realize purposes and objectives of our company.
We always protect rights and interests of our company.
We never make concession of loyalty and honesty against our company.
We do not regard our Company as lessee of our knowledge but as holder of our labour.
We are open to renovation and change, lifelong learning is our basic philosophy.
We are solution oriented and do not consider the problems as source of conflict.
We work in cooperation and with team spirit for obtaining the correct result.
We approach positively to the constructive criticisms by knowing our weaknesses and strengths[/mgt_promo_block_wp]

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Our total project investment was human


The purpose of the selection and placement applications is to incorporate into our company candidates who can cope with the corporateā€™s culture and to reach the sustainable success therefore. Without any discrimination during the selection and placement phases, we do aim to realize recruitment of employees who can support the vision and the mission of the MAXAM Holding.
Due to our global partners, our principal criterions; are for our employees to have a perfect level of English and to not have any obstacle for travelling and moving. Depending on the position, sometimes the employee is subject to gain the technical know-how and skill during the time of the employment and sometimes employees with a certain skill and experience are to be recruited.
During the process of selection and placement which is based on the competence created to place the candidates for the right positions, the human resources and department managers work together. Human resources, managing the pre-evaluation process, invite the candidate for an interview. After examining the compatibility of the candidate with the corporate culture, matching of the position with the qualification of the candidate, general culture and English tests are to be applied. For an impartial evaluation Personality Inventory test is applied and the observations of the Human Resources are to be approved in theory. Then in order to evaluate the professional knowledge of the candidate, the latter is subject to an interview with the department manager. The result s announced to the candidate once the evaluation process is completed.