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Petroleum & GAS

MAXAM Jointly with its Associates and Business partners has been in the Petroleum Business for the past 10 years.

Specializes in promoting and negotiating facilitated and marketing of crude oil and petroleum products, the aim of which is the realization of Government or Private enterprises address to increase and development of petroleum business industry.

We focus on Export, Import, Consulting, Petroleum Products Trading, Oil Field Equipment, Petroleum Projects, Refinery, Petroleum services and Investment.

Our activity includes also as a main activity consulting for concession and due to the complexity of this activity we preferred to present it separately.

We are offering our consultancy services for the international petroleum companies to get the best opportunities which come out with a high benefit for all parts.

Successful investing in the energy & industry sector requires meaningful capital with significant domain knowledge and extensive industry relationships. We as MAXAM believe we can source negotiated transactions at attractive valuations as a reputable, well- capitalized industry player. Our team’s extensive industry experience and MAXAM’s scale, asset ownership and reputation have facilitated long-term relationships with industry executives and key strategic players.