The first company „Lange Real Estate and Loan Brokerage“ was founded by the parents of Dr. Lange in 1963. Today still active as Lange + Meyn Immobilien GmbH in Bad Homburg near Frankfurt, Germany.

Followed by the first „LPP“ company, founded in 1994 in Germany.

In 2001 Dr. Lange founded a new family holding company, „Von Planta AG“ in Zürich, as main shareholder.

Due to the fact, that the „Von Planta AG“ becomes more and more active in commodities and real estate businesses, Dr. Lange decided to change the company name to LPP Swiss AG.

In 2016, Dr. Lange sold the LPP Swiss AG to the private investor Mahmut Karakeḉili.

Count Mahmout Karakeçili is clan chief of the Karakeḉili countship, with the capital city Karakeḉili in the province and ancestral land Kırıkkale in Turkey. His forefathers were co-founders of the Ottoman Empire.

The ancestral area includes 132 villages with 225.000 hectar of land. The Budget of the successful country equals TL.  The production includes i.e. wood, rice, nuts, sunflower, sugar beets, wild lentil, barley, lenses, corny, beans chickpeas and kummel. These variety of agricultural activity secures the clan from each village a minimum income of 15 mil. € (aprox. 2 bi. €) per year.

The change of ownership is applied, but not registered until today.

Today the structure is as follows: