• Real Estate Investment

Real Estate Investment

Our team’s collaborative approach facilitates and supports the real world relationships that exist in today’s complex product and service development environments. The pressures and nuances of changing deadlines and objectives, and the need for organizations to respond to “what if'” scenarios, form the backbone of our Service Offering.

As clients increasingly focus on their core businesses, they turn to our group for our understanding of their industry and their target market.

We offer the benefit of in-depth knowledge, skills and contacts gained during long, successful careers within the same industries and markets we now serve. We work in partnership with our clients to understand their vision, culture, strategic objectives and relevant constraints. We begin with the identification of key market developments and opportunities as appropriate, while representing our clients confidentially in initial talks with prospective partners, distributors, vendors, and trade channels.

We then deliver defined and agreed programs and projects against a specific brief, depending on the Client’s requirements.

Our services are designed to reduce the risks associated with expansion into new and emerging markets. We specialize in Management Consulting, Strategic Planning and V enture coordination, all across industry sectors where the experiences of our associates add value. Examples of projects include feasibility studies, venture coordination, private placement, financial structuring, retail channel development, human capital management/planning, brand building, marketing mix management, concept development/execution, market research,

B2B technology sales, services and trade facilitation. marketing

Our business requires a high level of international know-how, and expertise. We consistently strive to offer the highest quality standards and the most comprehensive services to help our clients achieve their strategic objectives. Our Organizational Management Team consisting of just a few key people, working very closely with several business associates.